Being successful as a team -
that is what we build our work upon

Partnerships need to be win-win situations.

Partnerships need to be win-win situations. That is everyone in the WOLFF Ingenieure network works according to a “Code of Trust” which does not replace relevant regulations however. The partners of the consulting network agree that a detailed legal framework has limitations in regulating trustful teamwork between reliable partners. It could interfere with our spontaneity and creativity to create the best solution for our customers.

The customer is at the centre of our work. WOLFF Ingenieure will always provide the best possible capacity in order to create effective, efficient and sustainable solutions. Our target is to serve our customers successfully and long lasting.
This is why we cultivate openness, trust and fairness both with our customers and amongst our network partners.
We tune our tasks and competencies, we communicate openly, and we eliminate ambiguities immediately.
Every partner is engaged, innovation-oriented, flexible, competent, and efficient. Every partner acts cost, quality and value oriented.